Posted by: Treebelly | December 7, 2010

It’s the Little Things…

You gotta love the little details that make you smile each day.

Like wearing this zebra stripey ring with this random weird animal print (reminds me of popcorn, but black). 

Just makes me happy!

zebra & misc animal print

If It Makes You Happy....

Posted by: Treebelly | December 2, 2010

Dotty for Polka Dots

Crazy for Dots

I used to hate polka dots. WITH A PASSION. I don’t know what happened to me, but I’m in to them right now. Here’s the silly thing I did this morning when I noticed my nail polish (which I saw in a magazine and fell in love with – Rimmel’s Steely Gray) was chipping.

Posted by: Treebelly | October 26, 2010

How I Lost 145 Pounds

People have been asking – how in the heck did I lose 145 pounds? The main help was that I joined a group, and people are going to KNOW every week when I weigh in…I hate to fail in front of people! But a lot of it was changing my eating/drinking/exercising habits.

Here are the rules I’ve tried to apply over the last year and a half.

1) Eat 100-200 calories every 2-3 hours, up to 1000
2) Write EVERYTHING down
3) Eat within an hour of waking
4) Eat protein for breakfast and at least 2-3 other times per day (meal replacement shakes were a good option for me)
5) Make at least 75% of your daily calories HIGH NUTRITION DENSITY (fruits, veg, whole grains, etc.)
6) Variety – don’t eat more than one serving of the same thing in a day (except meal replacement shakes)
7) Swear off alcohol
8 ) Drink a ton of water and herbal tea
9) Take a multi-vitamin daily
10) For exercise, do a little something every day, even if it’s just a few minutes

Posted by: Treebelly | September 9, 2010

Spending Captured

Okay, I admit it. I may have a slight shopping problem. I saw an adorable idea on another blog – – where the writer determined to slow her shopping addiction by forcing herself to illustrate (aka: draw) every purchase. Not much for drawing myself, but I’m up for the challenge of trying to rein in my personal shopping demons. So from now on, my blog will have to have to suffer through cheesy webcam shots of all my purchases!  Like this one…a military inspired jacket I bought at the Nordstrom Rack in Seattle over the weekend.

I’m going to officially start tomorrow, though, since the store I was at during lunch today had swimwear on sale, and no, I’m not putting THAT on webcam! 

Posted by: Treebelly | August 11, 2010

One Way to Do Casual Friday

Casual Friday Outfit

Sorry for the crap photo, I took it with whatever light was left at the end of a long day 🙂

We just started having Casual Friday at my office. Since I’m used to dressing up for work, the concept has been a bit hard for me. Here’s what I came up with last week. The jacket was a sale find – Nordstrom Rack – and I happened to have the yellow Michael Kors shoes from a previous season. When they’re right next to each other (as in the photo) they look a little weird together, but separated by a nice denimn trouser, they actually complimented each other nicely! I still had the security blanket of “suity” separates, but the 100% cotton jacket is sweatshirt-soft and the jeans oh-so-comfy. And the sunny colors made me feel all kinds of special.

Posted by: Treebelly | July 13, 2010

How Did I Ever Live Without My…

How did I ever live without my Heated Eyelash Curler?! It’s like a curling iron for my lashes. I love love love it! That, combined with LashBlastFusion mascara, and I actually look like I have eyelashes instead of the skimpy little stubby nubs nature gave me.

I just hope it doesn’t eventually damage my lashes like one of the reviewers said. I use a curling iron almost daily, though, and my hair doesn’t break off. This doesn’t seem to get nearly as hot as a curling iron, so I feel I’m pretty safe. Plus, if my pathetic, stingy eyelashes were to break off, who would know the difference? Plus, it MAKES ME FEEL PRETTY!! Lol, what more could a girl ask for!?

My New Favorite Beauty Implement: Ardell Heated Eyelash Curler

My New Favorite Macara: CoverGirl LashBlastFusion

Posted by: Treebelly | May 24, 2010

Color Combo to Follow Spring into Summer

We’re not anywhere near summer here in Oregon (or so it feels) but I’m seeing this great combination everywhere and loving it!

Khaki or tan with orange – which can be any shade from dreamcicle to burnt pumkin. Any way you look at it, it’s a good pairing. I was in Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug this weekend, and they both had these colors in shoes, bags, tops, bottoms and jewelry. I’m trying to find an orange jacket like one I’ve seen advertised at Piperlime. I say “trying to find” because theirs doesn’t come in my size OR my price range. 😦   It has this cute ruffled collar, and three-quarter sleeves, which I LOVE.  It would be adorable over a khaki dress or tan shirt with white trousers.

Another idea for using this color combo is to pair a casual, neutral crop pant and tan tee with a scarf like this pretty one from Old Navy. Add some orange wedge sandals (which I’ve seen at every single store I’ve been in this week) and a sleek pair of tortoise-shell sunglasses and you’re off to the Saturday Market in style!

Posted by: Treebelly | May 4, 2010

Lust for Clothes? Not Today…

Sometimes when it comes to clothes and accessories, I find myself in a really acquisitive place. I get the “I wants” and order things at all my favorite places. Right now though, I’m feeling a little more balanced about the whole wardrobe thing – maybe it’s because I’m in-between sizes. Or maybe it’s because I like how clean and spare my closet feels since I reorganized.

Whatever the reason, what I’m lusting for at the moment is fit. Simple things like no back-gap in a pair of jeans, or jacket sleeves that fall to just the right length on my wrist are what I’m dreaming of.

If you were to ask me today what my superpower would be (that’s a common question in your circles, isn’t it?), I would say – I want the superhuman ability to magically change the hem on my favorite pants so they could be worn with flats today and heels tomorrow. It may not save the world, but it would save me from having to buy multiples!   ☺

Posted by: Treebelly | April 24, 2010

My New Jacket

When they says these “motorcross” jackets are versatile, they aren’t kidding! I’ve worn this over a pretty dress, with jeans and tough heels, and with slacks and tennies.  Love it!

It looks better than this on a girl who fleshes it out more!

Posted by: Treebelly | April 4, 2010

Closet “Remodel”

Clothes for CharityI went through my closet this morning. I meant to undertake only a section of it, but I got on a roll! I got rid of things that don’t fit, I don’t like, or are not and never will be in style again. I now have a full rolling rack of things to take to consignment, and about 20 plastic grocery bags of clothes and shoes for Goodwill. AND MY CLOSET IS A SLEEK, TRIM, COLOR-CODED, SEXY BEAST!

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